When you write a science fiction or fantasy novel where do you start? A good place to kick it off is with a little work on world building. Why? First there are Places, then there are Characters who come into the place, do stuff, and talk about it. Build the world first. Here’s some work we did for a science fiction class. It’s a beginning. There are books out there on world building.

You begin by writing a history of your world.  Starting with present-day Earth as Top Dead Center, you identify the changes that make your world unique or different.

Your goal is to build a world and then set a story in it. You build the world before you write to keep yourself from inventing it on the fly. Inventing the story on the fly makes you want to write an information-heavy story that gets in the way of the characters and the action. The more you know about the world, the easier it will be for your characters to talk about it.

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