November 23, 2010

This came in from Mindy Halleck, novelist, travel-writer, blogger.

Recently, I had an epiphany about my writing. We writers create with our subconscious minds. It has taken me ten years to finish my novel, There Once Were Warriors – this last decade I have had cancer three times. I needed healing – I unconsciously created a healer.

Until time came to kill one of the main characters in my novel, Solomon, I hadn’t realized what he meant to me. During my decade of dealing with cancer, I had, in him, created a spiritual healer. He doled out spiritual advice, tonics, oils and wisdoms to all the other characters that populate my novel. I simply hadn’t realized that subconsciously he meant healing to me. The thing I needed the most. Saying goodbye to him on page 360-something launched me into a painful few days of crying, mourning, watching comfort movies and eating popcorn to fill the void, numb the pain.

Solomon walked that cancer journey with me, healing me. In the novel I gave him three arrows; a spiritual trinity to be launched into the heart of my deadly illness (the monster in my book) and let it die with him. I now realize it was all a metaphor for my disease.

Taking a good long look at the truth behind our fiction characters and trying to understand why we created them; healing, revenge, escape, love, companionship, gives us an opportunity to breathe humanity into our stories/characters. By understanding why they arose from our consciousness we can take them deeper, and ultimately delve into our story layers with greater intensity.

Thank you Solomon.
Posted by Mindy Halleck at 5:14 AM
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