Cover for Merry Christmas, MurdockMerry Christmas, Murdock

Robert Ray’s fourth Matt Murdock Mystery, has been Kindled

A deadly Christmas at Xanadu Mall in Newport Beach.

Answering the call of an old friend from his military past, Matt Murdock tracks a killer from upscale Laguna Beach to exotic Balboa Island. Slogging through a morass of corruption, cover-up, dirty cops and Mafia soldiers, Murdock crosses paths with a beautiful Senator who knows how to pressure a guy to get what she needs. You know Murdock—he can resist anything but a smart, good-looking woman.

Merry Christmas, Murdock announces the digital rebirth of one of Southern California’s signature sleuths.  Thanks to Jack Remick (publisher, Quartet Global) and Susan Canavarro (artist, typesetter), this classic mystery is once again available in trade paperback. Just one click downloads Merry Christmas, Murdock to your iPad, your Kindle reader, or your PC.

The Ideal Christmas Gift

Whether you’re headed for the old homestead in snowy Kansasor you’re racing to fun-in-the-sun at Club Med, the kindled Murdock is perfect for that airplane trip. Make sure you share Murdock with Mom. The trade paperback, with its seasonal cover—a slice of upscale Newport Beach, a black palm noir strung with Christmas lights—makes the perfect last-minute gift for parents, cousins, siblings, friends, their cousins, colleagues, bored babysitters, your boss.

Author Needs Reviews

Author status at lives on reviews. If you have a moment, please craft a review of MXM and post it on Amazon. To have fun with your review, adapt yourself to the language of reviewers: page-turner, suspense-filled, multi-layered, offbeat sleuth, unputdownable.

Also coming to the e-book world—Murdock Tackles Taos. In this intriguing thriller, Murdock teams up with Helene Steinbeck (the female lead in “Murder on Drake Island”) to solve the mystery of missing girls and secret venison stew on Angel Mountain, overlooking Taos, New Mexico.

Watch for Murdock Tackles Taos at your e-book store early next year. Kindle and paperback versions.

Thanks for your help.

Robert J. Ray

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