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The ProblemTree

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My story feels:

  • too big – go to compression; scene list, spine-finder, character grid, Aristotle’s incline
  • too disconnected — go to scene list, image and action, spine-finder, sector summary

I can’t get started:

  • go to the curve, firsts and lasts, pathways to the novel

I can’t find my voice:

  • monologue, dialogue, dialogue, monologue

My writing feels:

  • too loose – go to image and action, spine-finder
  • too far away – go to operation ratio, nouns-verbs, objects
  • too abstract – operation ratio nouns

My character feels:

What do I write about today?

My sentences feel:

When do I start rewriting?

Where do I start rewriting?

  • novel: climax, then subplot one, antagonist; short story: climax, then midpoint; memoir: Terrible Parent scene list

Can I have more than one protagonist?

  • character grid, core story, read Amsterdam