Okay, I’ve got the go ahead from my editor (Oh my gawd.  My editor) to make an announcement.
HEAR YE, HEAR YE  . . .  okay, so that’s a bit much.  It’s my first sale.  I’m a little excited.

Seriously, though.  Thanks to The Weekend Novelist I sold a 20,000 world apocalyptic fantasy novella to e-pub Samhain Publishing, Ltd.  This is not only my first sale, but the first time I submitted this particular manuscript to anyone.  It looks like I’ll be published as a single title electronically in November of this year, then again in print as part of the End of Days anthology to be released in Fall of 2012.

My mom gave me her copy of the first Weekend Novelist many a moon ago along with her electric typewriter when I was nineteen, silly, and distracted by boys.  I never went to college (by choice) so other than dear old mum I’ve been largely self taught.  I’ve come a long way since then, and that poor book looks as though it’s been through the wars.   I have since purchased the latest edition.

Without TWN it would have been a lot longer before I’d honed my craft enough to make my first sale, let alone on the very first try for a manuscript.  Granted, it’s a themed anthology that I focused this manuscript on, and I knew it was the best work I’d done to date.  I expected to get a reject with feedback or an invitation to try again, a reject I would have been more than happy with, knowing I was on the right track.  I didn’t expect a sale.

Thank you for all the work you’ve done in deconstructing the art and craft of fiction writing.  I’m happy to tell everyone I know how I did it, and, more importantly, how I will continue to do it.

Heather (in Florida)
Real-live, no-foolin’, soon-to-be published writer.  At large.