©2003 by Jack Remick and Robert J Ray

The Language of Memoir: Family Archetypes: The Terrible Parent. The Terrible Other

  1. Warmup: In the Photograph, I see Inhabitant X wearing….(action: doing something)  

Mini-lecture: Archetypes; family archetypes; the Terrible Parent; the Terrible Other.  Carl Jung and The Mother Archetype, the Father, Child, Crone, Triple Goddess, Master, Slave, Dragon. Ritual and Archetypes: a deeper look at ritual and how the ritual patterns reveals character.

We are still looking at language: Elegance and grace, flexibility and rhythm and balance. Reminder of your role as Guardians of the language.


3. Break into Groups 1-3

Writers read Archetype passages you brought.

Name the Inhabitants in the passage.

Strip each Inhabitant down to Archetype: Mother, Father, Crone, Killer, Trickster.

How do the Archetypes of family work? Who controls the rituals? Mother? Father?

Grandmother? Grandfather? Who’s the Master? Who’s the Slave.

Draw a ritual diagram for the ritual in the passage.

Can you introduce more metaphor, simile, analogy, synecdoche, metonymy  for balance?

Show State 1 Show the ritual of change Show State 2 .

4. Three-step rewrite.

Step 1) Rewriting Archetype passage using Anadiplosis.

  • Startline: Use a start line from your Archetype writing:   Write for 7 minutes.
  • Make sure everyone has a start line.

Step 2) Make a list of the archetypes in your writing. Add a trait/characteristic for each archetype. Write a chain of at least SIX similes on each trait. Extend the simile into metaphor.

ex. Grandmother—false teeth. (string of six similes, at least.)

Grandma’s false teeth look like broken crab shells.

Extend one simile into metaphor: Grandma’s false looked like broken crab shells when she laid them on the sink. I expected her teeth to grow legs and scuttle across the drainboard. (Write for Three Minutes)…

Return to the room: Reading from Prozac Diary.

Step 3) Rewrite Archetype passage using polysyndeton. Write for 10 minutes. Feel free to use all the language devices you now know.

5. Spot reading.

Homework.  Type up your Archetype writing.

Week Eight focuses of Large Chunk Rewriting where you put together everything you’ve learned in the past 9 months. Bring in a passage, three to four pages (3 to 4 pages).