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©2010 by Robert J Ray and Jack Remick Backstory – Antagonist, Protagonist and Time… Backstory–what is it? Why do you need it? If Story is competition for a resource base the writer needs to show how the characters got to...

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Three Act Treatment

©2010 by Robert J Ray and Jack Remick Three Act Treatment: Aristotle laid down the rules for drama: a three-act structure (beginning, middle and end) that rises to a climax where the audience experiences a purging called...

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Word Pictures from Nouns & Verbs

©2010 by Robert J Ray and Jack Remick When I teach style in a writing workshop, I have the writers circle nouns and verbs. Concrete nouns and strong verbs build word-pictures. A good example is the opening to A Farewell to Arms...

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The Spine

©2010 by Robert J Ray and Jack Remick What is the  spine of a story? Screenwriters talk about the spine or the armature of a script. Novelists  usually don’t have a clue. But once you know the spine, your writing goes...

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