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Discover & Rewrite Subplots

© 2009 By Robert J. Ray In The English Patient Geoffrey Clifton is a British spy. That secret is buried in Subplot Two of The English Patient. Katherine Clifton, Geoffrey’s wife, has a lover. That secret is buried in Subplot...

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Story and Myth

Introduction to Story and Myth—Essays in Story Development © 2010 By Jack Remick and Robert J. Ray. Mythic Dynamo Diagram A good story somehow gets inside your brain. A good story tells you something you already know, but more...

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Archetypes & Archetypal Journey

Exploring Archetype, Ritual, Myth, and Story–A Weekend Novelist Workshop © 2010 by Robert J. Ray and Jack Remick A Weekend Workshop Required Viewing for work here: The Natural, the movie based on Malamud’s novel. Study...

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A Scene Checklist

©2010 by Jack Remick and Robert J Ray Use the scene checklist to get a handle on the structure and content of your scenes. Work down the list to the Detail questions for scenes, then down to the scene template. Chapters and...

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Modular Scenes

When Bob and I wrote The Weekend Novelist Writes A Mystery, we discovered that mystery novels are built on a set of Modular Scenes. A modular scene is a self-contained unit. It stands alone. It helps the writer to control the...

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