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Black Madonna In Blue



Black Madonna In Blue ~ A Screenplay

Author:  Jack Remick
Copyright: © 2011 Jack Remick.
Cover Design: Jack Remick & Susan Canavarro
Publisher: Quartet Seattle
Where to Buy: for Paperback and Kindle eBook.

The Story: Black Madonna in Blue is a thriller in a contemporary film noir style. Poker for blood. Love in chains. A black Madonna with mixed sexual values. A religious mechanic turned atheist. A dying old man with a blood disease and more money than Croesus. Two killers on the loose. A tom cat with cojones the size of chestnuts.

Kress is a mechanic. He wants a shop of his own. He meets a black Madonna in gold chains. Her name is Falcon.
Falcon is on the run. Tied up and marked for death, she lures Kress up to Lake Tahoe where they wait for Grace.
Grace Regis is a gambler, a dying man with a blood disease who needs someone to help him end it. His bargain with Falcon—she helps him die, he gives her the gold. The only problem is Sonny.
Sonny Regis is a jealous, stupid man with revenge in his heart and a Casanova set of cojones. He wants Grace’s money and he wants Falcon dead. But Kress stands in the way.

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Author Comments:

Black Madonna in Blue was a 2010  semi-finalist in the AAA Creative Screenwriting competition. Go here to see the full list of semi-finalists. I wrote Black Madonna as a novel that I adapted into a screenplay. Here’s the log-line for the entry: A dying poker king and a scarred mechanic fight for the love of a mysterious black woman in a bloody show-down of money and assisted suicide.


Kress dumps Falcon’s purse on the bed. He SORTS through the pile — Wallet, the gold butane cigarette lighter, chrome plated .38 with a red handle; keys; pictures of a tall black woman in a white dress. It looks like Falcon in ten years. Kress flicks the lighter. It’s dead. He pockets the lighter.

Kress hefts the .38, looks at Falcon. He tosses the pistol on the bed.

Now I suppose you’re leaving.

That’s right.

I thought you were a man I could trust.

‘N look what it gets me.

You’re gonna leave me alone with him?

That’s right.

What if he wakes up?

Shoot him with your little .38