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Who Needs It?

Who needs another writing blog? An example: Writer  1: I’ve got it all written down… in my head….: After a thousand sleepless nights spent plotting and replotting novels, after talking for a thousand hours about writing, after friends have said ‘what a neat idea, you should write a novel’, Writer 1 enrolls in a writing class. “What are you working on?” we ask. “I have six novels.” “How many pages?” “Uh… I haven’t actually written anything yet. I have them outlined in my head.” “Who’s your Antagonist?” “Antagonist?” “You know? The bad guy?” “Antagonist? Uh…Well…There aren’t any bad guys in my book. I want to write nice novels…” “Okay. Nice.” “A question? “Shoot.” “How do I get an agent?” This writer needs B&J’s Blog. How do we get this writer on track? Develop the Antagonist first, we say. If you’re writing a detective novel, your sleuth doesn’t have anything to do until the killer kills or the kidnapper snatches the woman. If you’re writing a genre novel make a list of characters and fill in their lives with backstory. Spend some time on the page writing about writing. But…don’t talk about it anymore. Writers write. Go to Louisa’s. Sit down with other writers. Write the backstory on your Antagonist. Push the essential elements of the craft: Character, Action, Dialogue, Setting, Objects. Write now. Get it on the page. Now....

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Answers to Your Questions

Questions and Answers: October 13, 2010 Q. How do you handle multiple POVs in a short story? A. Do it fast. Set the pattern right away. Paragraph 1, POV1, Paragraph 2 POV2. If you’ve got a third POV, get in fast. If you wait too long to switch, you lose your reader. Here’s an example from Max Detrano’s latest novella called The Transplant © 2010 1 Michael took a right turn on Queen Anne Avenue heading down the steep Counterbalance Hill toward downtown and the Pike Place Market. The old Schwinn began to pick up speed. Michael loved zooming down the steep grade, but it was dangerous when there was traffic. It was a long, steep, straight hill with moguls and waves, like an amusement ride. Today for some reason, dumb luck, he thought, he had the hill to himself. He put his arms straight out to his side as if getting ready to fly. 2 Parked on a hill on Olympic Place, a small curving street a block from the bottom of the counterbalance, Jesus Menendez wrestled to get a lawnmower out of the back of the trailer of his landscaping truck. The handle of the mower was tangled in the railings. The rakes and collection bins had not been stored correctly the night before. The old Chevy truck was parked facing down the hill. A block of...

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