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Ginsberg, Ghost Tantras, Ginsberg Marathon

On June 1, 2013, I was honored to be named the Featured Poet for the 12th Annual Allen Ginsberg Memorial Open Mic Poetry Marathon in Seattle. For the past twelve years poet and archivist Paul Nelson has engineered this event. Paul has the pulse of poetry in the universe. He’s been a guest poet in China, he’s interviewed Ginsberg, McClure, and dozens of other poets, and he has written about the Projective Verse poets of the Black Mountain school—Charles Olson, Creeley, and Duncan among others. His two books: Before Slaughter, poems, and Organic Poetry—American Field Poetics are landmark works. Paul’s goal is to keep it coming—poetry is the heart beat, the blood, the juice of the modern idiom. The marathon is just one aspect of his dedication to poetry. By marathon Paul means a marathon. He kicked it off at 8:00 PM June 1st by giving me 45 minutes to read from my collection Satori, poems. At 6:00 AM the next morning, there was a recitation of Ginsberg’s Wichita Sunrise Sutra followed by a communal breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancakes and man, we were back in the days of the Summer of Love—the only thing missing was the acid dream. Paul ended the marathon at 1:00 PM June 2nd . This is a glorious tribute to the enduring power of Allen Ginsberg to inspire writers, to keep alive...

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Revised Virtual Tour Schedule for Gabriela and The Widow

Coming soon–the youtube video trailer for Gabriela and The Widow.  I’ll post the url when she comes on-line. Gabriela’s Blog Tour, like all expeditionary excursions, undergoes itinerary changes according to the terrain, weather, and geo-political upheavals. Here is the url with the latest additions, deletions, changes, hopes, fears etc.: American Chronicle and Andi’s Realm came off without a hitch. Thanks to all for visiting those stops. Jack Share this:TweetShare on TumblrEmailLike this:Like...

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Mindy Halleck Interviews Robert J. Ray

Interview was conducted by Mindy Halleck. It appeared first on her blog, Literary Liaisons. In 2012, Catherine Treadgold, the publisher of Camel Press, began re-releasing the Murdock series. In 2013, Treadgold plans to publish Murdock #6 in 2013. The title of the sixth book is Murdock Tackles Taos.

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With Marsha Cook on Blogtalkradio

On July 20, 2012 at 10:00 AM West Coast Time, Jack will be a guest on Marsha Casper Cook’s blogtalk show. As the world shrinks… Jack Remick with Marsha Cook World of Ink Network The World of Ink Network brings you shows on books, authors, illustrators, the publishing industry, marketing and much more. Come listen… Share this:TweetShare on TumblrEmailLike this:Like...

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This review of Throwback by Susan Canavarro showed up on Smashwords: In Throwback, Jack Remick  writes about relationships, about pain and suffering, about illness and death, loneliness, emptiness, suicide, the last gasps of a life from one story to the next, transversing all his characters. It’s interesting that Remick’s male protagonist in each is the one constant compassionate caregiver, the listener, the helper, but always, the one left behind, sad and bereft at his loss. It’s like there is a deep-rooted need to be the savior. And when death comes to one character, his protagonist transudes from one story, one loss, to another, as if passing through the pores of life, changing names, but remaining standing within his own loss. I relate to Jack Remick’s writing because he doesn’t try to hide pain and suffering. He’s not scribbling down the words singing an upbeat life is wonderful tune. He’s telling it like it is. The undercurrent of pain bubbles up to the surface in each story and in each of our life stories. He forces us to face it head on. SC, Florence, Oregon   UPDATE: Throwback is now available on Smashwords and Kindle. The stories in Throwback open a window on characters living calm everyday lives but underneath that calm there’s a violent, bloody, painful, suicidal world and a savage god waiting for them to make a mistake....

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