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Remick and Ray Interview Joel Chafetz

 Joel Chafetz is the author of The Chaff. We interviewed Joel between February 5 and February 9, 2014.The novel is on and other mainstream outlets.  R&R: In this interview, we want to focus on technique and process in your writing of The Chaff rather than on story so we’ll get right to it: How did you get to this place? Why did you write this novel at this time? JC: I used to think of myself as a short story writer. I believe that the meat grinder of critique – getting feedback from writers I trusted – would hone my skills or at least remind me to deal with the weaknesses of my prose. Combining multiple views of writers with different focuses, strengths and insights helped me clarify what I couldn’t see in my own work. Then, over twenty years ago I started writing practice, structured timed writing. It helped develop the writing of scenes, develop voice,  push a story to the end. This added to my focus of what I thought writing should be, do, become. The short story, novel, poem, creative non-fiction prose, all are the products of the narrative. Robert Olin Butler said about short stories, “I have this to say about that.” Butler also said of the novel, “I have all these things to say about that.” My struggle in trying to write a...

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The Life of Objects in Gabriela and The Widow

This essay first appeared on Andrea Buginsky’s andisrealm as part of the blog tour organized by Virginia Grenier of World of Ink to promote Gabriela and The Widow. The link to the original posting is this url: Objects and Sentiment in Gabriela and The Widow  Objects in Gabriela and The Widow To write Gabriela and The Widow I started with the idea that one character, Gabriela, was thin, while the other, The Widow, was thick. What I would like to lay out is a study of the way I use “objects” in this novel to build both emotional attachments between characters and to push the story line along to its conclusion.  This is a preliminary working of the topic which developed more in the course of writing the novel. By focusing on the objects in a story and their relationship to character, you can go deeper into the emotional reality associated with objects. In this, fictional characters share an aspect of the sentimental life of people and that helps to make them whole. Step One: Emotional Attachment to objects. The main object in Gabriela and The Widow is the List that Gabriela has to keep for La Viuda. Boxes: carved, painted, decorated, engraved, different kinds of wood, metal. Each box comes and goes in the story: some days, La Viuda wants to examine the painted box with photos, other...

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Trailer and blog stops for Gabriela and Widow

Gabriela is getting some reviews: check her out here== Link to the video and reading from Gabriela and The Widow. Appearing soon on youtube as well. Video Trailer for Gabriela and The Widow   Latest Q and A on the Virtual Tour: we talk aboug the Dead Zone, the Mythic Wave, and Taking Dictation. Check it out. The Dead Zone, the Mythic Wave Q and A     Share this:TweetShare on TumblrEmailLike this:Like...

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Revised Virtual Tour Schedule for Gabriela and The Widow

Coming soon–the youtube video trailer for Gabriela and The Widow.  I’ll post the url when she comes on-line. Gabriela’s Blog Tour, like all expeditionary excursions, undergoes itinerary changes according to the terrain, weather, and geo-political upheavals. Here is the url with the latest additions, deletions, changes, hopes, fears etc.: American Chronicle and Andi’s Realm came off without a hitch. Thanks to all for visiting those stops. Jack Share this:TweetShare on TumblrEmailLike this:Like...

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Mindy Halleck Interviews Robert J. Ray

Mindy Halleck Interviews Robert J. Ray © 2012 Mindy Halleck  This interview was conducted by Mindy Halleck. It appeared first on her blog, Literary Liaisons. Biography: Robert Ray’s first published novel was The Heart of the Game. It was a sports saga with professional tennis at the heart. His second book was a thriller, Cage of Mirrors. Cage was hosted by the Playboy Book Club as a dual main selection. In between books, Ray taught college students how to write. Bloody Murdock, which launched the Matt Murdock Mystery Series, came out in 1986. It was followed by four more Murdocks: Murdock for Hire; Dial “M” for Murdock; Merry Christmas, Murdock; and Murdock Cracks Ice. In between writing Murdocks, Ray wrote The Weekend Novelist. This handy how-to clung to bookshelves for seven years. With Jack Remick, Ray wrote The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery, still in print after 13 years. In 2007, The Weekend Novelist Rewrites the Novel was published, first inEngland, then in theU.S. In 2012, Catherine Treadgold, the publisher of Camel Press, began re-releasing the Murdock series. In 2013, Treadgold plans to publish Murdock #6 in 2013. The title of the sixth book is Murdock Tackles Taos. Q: What inspired Murdock Cracks Ice? A: I was into Book Five, not sure where the series should go. My wife—Margot—and I had just moved to Seattle, I still had one...

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