Molly Best Tinsley ~ What’s Become of Literary Fiction? Part II

Part 2: I am a literary artist. © All Rights Reserved. Molly Best Tinsley. I invite you to repeat along with me: I am a literary artist.  My work affirms the creative process, which takes place in the special world of the imagination, a world apart from time and money, deadlines and the commercial exchange of commodities. Even though many of the people around me don’t respect this process, because it “wastes time” and doesn’t make money, I maintain my commitment to discover and express my unique vision. Even though the mainstream publishing industry is no longer dedicated to fostering the next American classic, but to guessing the next blockbuster, I won’t let that get me down.  I won’t let that stop me from telling my stories.  I won’t let that stop me from making art, because a society without original art is a society without a soul. In my last post on this blog, I sketched the parallel devolution of legacy publishing and my career as a writer of literary fiction over the last thirty years.  Now I’d like to propose a campaign.  Because we do have a fight on our hands.  At stake are all those lost souls wandering around the shopping malls asking each other, “Did you find anything?”  Or numbed out in front of TV watching some mindless reality show. We need to become literary...

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Frank P. Araujo ~ Addendum to the Adverb Rant

Why do we dislike adverbs so much? I know, I’ve heard all the arguments about how they slow down the action, the beauty of the language is in its raw simplicity, we should use action verbs instead of generic, and so on. However, one could argue these observations are merely matters of style and as such, these august pronouncements are just opinions. However, I think there’s a deeper reason for this that goes beyond mere stylistic choices.

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Why Writing Practice Works So Well For Me

August 2, 2012 Roxana Arama wrote this essay after an intense discussion about Timed Writing or Writing Practice grew up on our Louisa’s Writers Facebook page. Check out Roxana’s Guest Writer posts. (Roxana Arama, Guest Writer ) She is working on a complex and ambitious fusion novel built on history and fantasy. Why writing practice works so well for me ©2012 by Roxana Arama As promised, I typed up the reasons why writing practice works so well for me. 1. Writing with other people produces insights At Louisa’s, we read what we write, and that makes a big difference in the way I write. The people I write with are my friends, and I’ve grown to like and respect them over the years. No one writing session will change people’s mind about my craft, so I’m not trying to impress anybody. But I’m trying to make the five minutes that the other people sit around the table and listen to me interesting for them. Whatever they’re listening to is a sliver of my work, a scene out of context, a piece of meta-writing. So I’m trying to make myself as clear as I can. Which means that, as I write, I keep an eye on my subplots, backstories, character motivations – any detail that I can add to make listening out of context easier. As I straddle all these...

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