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Mythic Dynamo Diagram

This diagram is being revised. Update indefinite. When we taught in the screenwriting course at the UW, Jack and I discovered core story as a technique for separating the plot from subplots, and subplots from each other. To put these separations into a picture, we used a linear diagram – Aristotle’s Incline, his implied three acts – with the main line as the plot and arcing lines down below the plot showing the start and end points of the major subplots. With Aristotle’s Incline, you can chart the action that rises to a climax near the end of act three. What Aristotle’s Incline can’t show is the mythic force that drives most stories. To fix that, we bent the straight line into a curve, left a gap on the left hand side, like a Pac-Man icon from TV advertising, and made a circle that did not close itself. From Joseph Campbell and others, we came up with a five step journey, starting at the Cage, moving to Escape, the doorway to the Quest, moving through the Quest until it is time to confront the Dragon, which matches the climax on Aristotle’s upward slanting line. After confronting the Dragon, the Quester heads for home. You’re probably thinking Ouroboros, the snake that eats its tail. We did too. But we weren’t done with the cycle-symbolism. In a moment of insight, Jack...

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Mythic Journey Diagram

This diagram is being revised. Update indefinite.  This is a Mythic Journey Diagram we did for Angela’s Ashes. You can use it as model for your own diagram. ©2010 by Jack Remick and Robert J. Ray All rights reserved except by permission Share this:TweetShare on TumblrEmailLike this:Like...

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