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Dramaticus Moebius

We built this website because we want to open a doorway for writers to go deep into the art and craft of writing. Writing today, in America, is about images. It is about images and action. We live in a post-literate world but it’s a world that lives for and consumes images, moving images—film. Art in the 21st Century is driven by the moving image. To achieve success, a writer today will create a work that transforms easily into image, a work that adapts to film, moves with ease into video. The key for the writer in this century is to know that behind every image there is a solid piece of writing. Behind every movie, there is a solid screenplay. The precursor to the image is the written word. Reading is, perhaps, on the wane, but writing is stronger than ever. To use our website, the writer does not have to write a movie or a film but she must be aware that the moving picture is the cultural pinnacle of art, a pinnacle that all other writing will reference. This means that the writer who comes here might want techniques, ideas, and insights that will lead her toward an image-based style of writing, a writing built on images and action, action and reaction. By image we mean word pictures. In the art of writing there are at...

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Mark the Killer Diagram

This diagram is being revised. Update indefinite. This diagram based on Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep plots a technique called Mark the Killer. Look at those teeth at the opening and again at the ending. In Silence of the Lambs, Harris makes Lecter a polydactyl freak–six fingers on one hand–marking Lecter as a monster. When Hitchcock shot The 39 Steps he took liberties but he also marked the killer—his pinky is missing. In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stevenson goes all the way and turns his killer into an animal. It’s a very important technique for mystery writers. Mark...

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Birth to Now Diagram

This diagram is in revision. Update indefinite. ©2010 by Jack Remick and Robert J Ray When Jack and I taught a Memoir course a few years ago, we came up with The Natural Journey – a series of writings designed to help memoir writers focus on the core of a memoir – because most people come into a memoir class wanting to tell their life stories. The typical story starts with a baby being born. The story ends with the baby, now a full-grown adult, looking back, remembering the way it was. Writers write memoirs to get something back (sympathy, pity, forgiveness, absolution, love),to make a bunch of money, hawk your life on the Today Show, become a local celebrity, run for office, and get on the public dole. To explore the magnitude of the book that’s too big to write, we designed a writing exercise called Birth to Now. The  Diagram of Birth to Now (above) shows the outer circle as Birth to Now, a representation of the biggest gathering of the largest number of memories. The writing exercise, which takes about an hour, starts with a line like: I was born in a town called X in the year Y, and I remember…. Lurking inside the Birth to Now writing is The Natural Journey, a bridge from the impossible over-large monster autobiography to the personal memoir. Writers...

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