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Course Description: Rewriting 101

Rewriting 101: Spring 2011 In the Spring of 2011, Bob taught a course on Rewriting at Hugo House in Seattle. Hugo House is a sanctuary for writers—poets read there, novelists launch their work there, hungry writers take classes...

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Getting Started–Reading a Memoir

Getting Started: To start writing a memoir, you need structures. The big structure is the journey. Where does it start? Where does it end? What happens in between? For tips on the journey, click on this link, The Natural...

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Aux Deux Magots

In October of 1999, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I tumbled into shock. Why me? I said. I was 64. There was no pain, no outward sign. My urination was rushed, a telltale symptom. The rectal exam read normal. But my PSA...

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Chapter and Scene

© 2003 by Robert J Ray The scene is the basic building block of the novel, but beginning writers often assign that role to the chapter. Their next step is to make an assumption that could mean trouble. The assumption goes...

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