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Rewriting 101: Week Four – Key Scenes

A key scene marks acts, openings, closings, curtains rising and falling, turning points, drama. In the novel and the filmscript, there are seven key scenes: Page One and After, Plot Point One, Midpoint, Plot Point Two, Climax, Ending, and First Encounter. When you rewrite, you lock down the First Encounter first: Lover A meets Lover B; Protag meets Antag; Sleuth meets Killer; Hero meets Monster. Handy tools are scene profile and scene template. Handy structures are scene sandwich and scene sequence. Scene Performance. Homework that links to Week Five. Suggested reading: Two books by Barbara Walker: The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets (Kingship, Knights Templar, Marriage); and The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects (dive in, go deep) Café Argento It’s raining outside the Argento. Writers enter seeking coffee and companionship.  My advice today focuses on the resource base: What do your characters want? What do they need? What will they kill for? What will they die for? Examples of resource bases come from films: A circle of wagons is the resource base for the Mel Gibson film, Road Warrior. The backdrop is a post-apocalyptic waste land, a land of rock and sand and no water. Armored bandits in made-over motor vehicles control the road. Motor vehicles need fuel. Inside the circle of wagons is a fuel depot. The fuel depot in Road Warrior is the visible...

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