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©2010 by Jack Remick and Robert J Ray Bob sez: At writing practice—we write two days a week at Louisa’s Bakery on Eastlake in Seattle—Jack was having trouble working flashbacks into his story. So he wrote scene-summaries for his...

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From “Blood”

Ex-mercenary Hank Mitchell is doing five years hard time for stealing a tubful of women’s underwear. In the prison library Mitch re-discovers the novels of Genet and the Marquis de Sade and is inspired to write his own...

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The Language of Memoir

©2003 by Jack Remick and Robert J Ray The Language of Memoir: Family Archetypes: The Terrible Parent. The Terrible Other Warmup: In the Photograph, I see Inhabitant X wearing….(action: doing something)   Mini-lecture:...

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Ritual in Memoir & Fiction

© 2010 by Jack Remick & Robert J. Ray Bob sez: Jack wrote this essay on ritual when we taught a 3-term memoir course at University of Washington Extension. He defined ritual for writers as “the quantum physics of narrative.”...

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Scene Sequence

© 2010 by Jack Remick & Robert J. Ray “Poema pictura loquens, pictura poema silens” (poetry is a speaking picture, painting a silent poetry). Committing a story to memory is an important step in the development...

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